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Camp Maritime is NYC’s Only All Water Sports Adventure Camp!


Get ready for an experience of a lifetime! Make new friends, learn cool water skills, gain confidence, give back and have a chance to be part of something truly special!


There are 100’s of government protected sites of pristine waters, private surf beaches and crystal fishing lakes right here in the 5 boroughs. Your kids will discover the hidden treasure of NYC. Everyday there will be a new adventure!


Our curriculum was developed with these things in mind – learning, safety and fun. Tailored to NYC waters, we have come up with an ideal approach to support growth and adventure in an environment in which children can feel secure and confident.


Our 5 to 1 child/instructor ratio allows kids to learn safely & quickly with hands-on involvement in every aspect of the discipline.

Giving Back

Camp Maritime is at the forefront of making a change in our daily choices. Giving back has never been so easy! Our “Barefoot Friendly”, stewardship program was developed with this thought in mind that all water and its habitat need to be preserved and cherished. “Barefoot Friendly ” means casual sailing, taking your shoes off and rolling your pants up or putting a pair of shorts on and play all day on the beach. But what happens if there were less beach or less shoreline?


Camp Maritime wants to teach our kids social, environmental responsibility through thoughtful, safe, sustainable practices such as beach cleans and community preservation programs. We have partnered up with www.barefootfoundation.org an environmental non-profit to help keep our beaches barefoot friendly. Beach cleans are not only fun but important. Join us this summer in keeping New York’s beaches clean, safe and ready for fun.


Keep New York City Barefoot Friendly.

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Fresh J.U.I.C.E. is served before breakfast every morning but don’t expect a glass of Gatorade or OJ, it’s a Jolt of positive energy designed to invigorate your child. We blend fun movements and empowering cheer to get them ready to seize the day happily and proud. When children are happy their minds will be ready to learn and explore.


If Love for water is our mission, then empowering is our purpose. Empowerment is in every fiber of what we do; from the food we eat, to what sports we choose, everything is designed to make campers stronger, happier and more confident. By fostering an environment that promotes self-discovery and growth our campers will not only have amazing experiences, but they will learn skills they will never forget.

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All instructors are licensed and certified.


Instruction will cover:

Location Analysis, Wind Effects, direction and speed, The Wind Window, Setup And Flying trainer kite, Emergency Release, Basic Kite Control Skills and Signs, Launching and landing the kite from the beach, Imitation Water Start on the beach

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