Hook, Line, and Sinker: Exploring the Art of Fishing at Summer Camp

Welcome to Camp Maritime in Brooklyn, NY and our fishing program. Nestled by the waterfront, our camp offers a wide range of exciting activities to ignite the curiosity and imagination of young campers. Among the highlights is our immersive fishing program, which not only provides a thrilling experience.  But also imparts valuable benefits for children […]

Skimboarding 101: The Ultimate Guide to Our Summer Camp Experience

Welcome to Camp Maritime skimboarding school, the ultimate summer camp adventure right here in the heart of Brooklyn, NY! At Camp Maritime, we believe in providing unforgettable experiences and fostering a love for outdoor activities. One of our most exhilarating offerings is skimboarding—a thrilling water sport that combines the excitement of surfing and skateboarding. In […]

Surfing and Sunshine: Embrace the Best of Summer at Our Summer Camp

Surfing is a fantastic way to engage in physical exercise while having an absolute blast. Here at Camp Maritime, Brooklyn NY’s premier summer camp. Place where young adventurers embark on an exciting journey of discovery and self-development. Nestled along the vibrant coastal shores, our camp offers a range of thrilling activities that ignite the spirit […]

Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Camp Maritime: Unforgettable Summers at Summer Camp

With summer just around the corner, parents in Brooklyn, NY are searching for the perfect summer camp that offers exciting activities and memorable experiences for their children, such stand-up paddle boarding (SUP). Look no further than Camp Maritime, nestled in the heart of Brooklyn. Among the wide array of thrilling options, one standout activity is […]

Ride the Wind: Experience the Thrills of Wing Boarding at Summer Camp

Summer is a time of excitement and adventure, and what better way to make the most of the season than by enrolling your child in Camp Maritime. Premier summer camp located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Offering a diverse range of thrilling activities, one standout option is wing boarding. Soaring Above the Waves […]

Summer Camp Maritime Soaring: Master the Art of Kiteboarding

If you’re seeking a summer camp that offers thrilling adventures and unforgettable experiences, look no further than Camp Maritime in Brooklyn, NY. As summer approaches, children eagerly anticipate the freedom and excitement that come with the break from school. Among the array of exhilarating activities, one standout option is kiteboarding. In this blog post, we […]

The Ultimate Summer Camp Experience: Kayaking Adventures Await!

Summer is just around the corner, and parents across Brooklyn, New York are searching for the perfect summer camp to provide their children with unforgettable memories and valuable experiences. Look no further than Camp Maritime, located in the heart of Brooklyn. Offering a wide range of exciting activities, one standout option is kayaking. In this […]